YO God! Can You Hook Me Up With a Wave?!

In the summer of 1996, Danny decided to go swimming down at the Jersey Shore. It is a blistery day and all Danny wanted to do is to cool his body in the Atlantic Ocean. He chooses to swim in an area where there are no life guards and very few people walking the beach. He is isolated, but this did not matter to him. It’s how he pictured it, swimming and floating in the refreshing waters of the ocean on a beach all by himself. Danny is enjoying swimming so much that he does not feel the undertow gradually pulling him further and further away from the shoreline. What started out as the perfect day at the beach is so becoming terror on the high seas. Realizing his predicament, without hesitation, Danny begins to swim for the shore line. His attempt is futile because he is caught in a rip current.

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He swims a few feet and then the rip current pulls him back. This cycle recurs repeatedly until muscle fatigued sets in. With barely enough energy to keep his head above water, he stops swimming and begins treading water. His legs and arms are almost lifeless. His eyes are burning from the saltwater and there is a horrible saltwater taste in his mouth. The once friendly water that he plunged into to refresh himself from the blistering heat of the Sun, has turned into a death trap. With no one around he could call to or that can see he is in trouble and needed help, what is he going to do?  Isolated and alone he remembered the voice of Sister Maratha telling him that “God is just a pray away.”

Prayer Changes things…

Prayer changes things is a quote shared by church goers and non-church goers alike. What is prayer? How do you pray? Does praying really work? Rob Robinson unpacks and answers these questions, in Yo God! Can You Hook Me Up With a Wave?! Using narrative, Biblical and non-Biblical references Rob explores such topics as:

  • Profiling in Church
  • The Effect of Prayer on Situations
  • Desperate Actions in Desperate Times
  • Some Good Can Come Out of a Fire
  • Obeying the Voice of God

The Most High is a very present help in the time of trouble.